About Me

Jackie Hostetler, Educator, Writer, and Consultant
Close to my home.
Close to my home.

Jackie Hostetler

Educator, Writer, and Consultant

I love all things children’s literature and children’s media! I’m a writer, consultant, and a teacher, consistently focused on creating and shaping developmentally appropriate and engaging content.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and child development and a master’s in English, with an emphasis in art education. I’ve been fortunate to work with corporations and individuals around the globe in a number of diverse and interesting roles. I love collaborating with others to create safe and positive children’s media and literature, always hitting the high notes with a young and curious audience.

I live in a lovely corner of rural Kansas with my husband and our two sons, who find themselves to be the inspiration for my work more frequently than they might like. By this, I mean I blatantly infringe upon their likenesses and directly quote them every chance I get. What fun it must be to live with a writer!