Children’s Media and Education

Consultation to ensure engaging & developmentally appropriate content.

Children’s Media and Education Services

I’ve collaborated with many children’s media corporations to increase engagement and viewership, as well as create trustworthy and safe brands. In addition to my work in children’s media, I have a background in education, as well as parental and familial coaching. This has afforded me the opportunity to understand what both kids and caregivers are looking for in quality children’s content.

If you are seeking to purely increase engagement by amping up the entertainment factor, I can help! If you would love to fortify your content with didactic/educational elements and developmental milestones while still providing an engaging experience, I can help with that, too!

Services Offered

Consultation to ensure engaging and developmentally appropriate content. This includes consultation for:

Animated videos and series
Live action videos and series
Smart toys and accompanying content
Books and stories
Consultation regarding how to reinforce developmentally appropriate milestones through media experiences
Video Catalogue Analysis, All of the amazing things about your content and an exploration of missed opportunities.
Script Review
Script Writing
Website content for children’s media and products
Social media “blurbs” for children’s media and products
Collaboration on, or review of, franchise or IP bible
Early childhood curriculum review and collaboration